Coaching Simplified provides a three-tiered approach to elevate the coaching experience. In our model we support the league leaders, coaches and ultimately all the young players. By providing education on both coaching philosophy and technical knowledge we move toward our goal of competitive greatness.

We accomplish this goal by providing access to our video library through our website and mobile devices. Our hands on workshops focuses on two main concepts. First, we assist coaches with a philosophy building session to establish goals for the season. Second, we help you develop a method of fun and constructive practice by creating small groups covering fundamental skills in stations. Our stations allow for coaches to demonstrate the D-I-C-R method of instruction.

  • Demonstrate – coaches model the lesson
  • Imitate –Players copy the coaches instruction
  • Correction – Coaches give constructive feedback to players
  • Repetition – Allow for repetition to grasp the new skill

We also provide additional support through our blog for requests, questions and comments.

Thank you for choosing Coaching Simplified.

The video above is a sample from our coaches clinics. Enjoy!